SEE courses are for adult learners of all kinds who are seeking individual spiritual growth or a deeper understanding of Unity teachings. This is a special program for students in Nigeria, developed for the Unity International Ministerial Program.

The course is designed to offer candidates a practical and simple guide about oratory and practice of rhetorical to address a Unity audience. Oratory Techniques introduces you to the basic concepts and techniques of public speaking, bearing in mind that your ability to develop effective public speaking skills will equip you with the ability to speak in a variety of social and academic situations, including techniques to lessen speaker anxiety and to enhance your understanding of spoken discourse. A pre-requisite to this course is Communication Skills 1 & 2, and also Conversation Skills.

Skill Level: Beginner
Course Description:

The course explores some of the different ways in which historically, humanity has attempted to answer, through religion, questions such as: What is sacred?, What am I? What is life all about? Why do people suffer? Answers to these questions will show how different religious traditions have sought to understand the meaning of existence and humanity’s role in it. The religious traditions included in this course are Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity, and native traditional African, Australian, Oceania, and the Americas.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end this course students will be able to

• Identify and explain the universal principles in each of the world’s

  predominant religions that transcend time and culture.

• Describe the evolution of the concept of God in the various religious traditions.

• Appreciate why and how religions guide and motivate the lives of their adherents – those who live by them.

• Critically analyze their understanding of these major religions and determine what common threads there are between them and Unity/New Thought.

• Share their individual spiritual journey, how it has unfolded, and the part religion has played in this unfoldment.

Learning Mode:

This is an Independent Study Course. Students will use the resources provided and other online resources to research into the world’s major religions with the objective of:

1) Identifying the principles that define each of them.

2) Describing the evolution of the concept of God

3) Identifying the links between world religions and Unity/New Thought Students work independently to achieve these objectives and the learning outcomes within the designated period for this course (June 10 – August 05). Moodle learning platform will be used to support students’ learning.

You will receive details of login information including Username and Password in a separate e-mail from our IMP Moodle Platform Manager by July 6, 2023.


• Interview Videos (50-minutes) based on Huston Smith’s The World Religions will be available on the course Moodle Platform.

• You will receive electronic version of Unity and World Religion by Paul John Roach

• You will also receive a downloaded copy of Study Guide for Unity and World Religions.

Skill Level: Beginner